PKN #21 on Wed, 19 November

Autumn edition on 19 November will include:
  • Tony J. on the Fun, Follies & Furies of a Sideshow and Animation Festival,
  • Thatcher Freund on the Importance of Memoirs,
  • Andrew Bardin Williams on Placing Literature With Geo-mapping,
  • JoAnne Wilcox on Restorative Justice, 
  • Chris George on Why Refugees Matter to New Haven,
  • Cari Strand on Better Student Learning:  Via Mastery,
  • Channing Harris on the Famous Elms of Hillhouse,
  • Suse Elderkin,
  • Ray Zhou,
  • Seth Wallace,
  • Robin Woerner,
  • Nadine Nelson,
  • Tagan Engel.
More details here soon.

Poster by Design Monsters:

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