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Autumn Call for Presenters - 19 November PKN

Good Citizens of New Haven [and far Beyond],

has unmistakeably arrived.  A visually stunning time of year, replete with apple picking, leaf peeping, and everyone’s favorite amongst all formal attire, the corduroy pantsuits… and/or the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder and a welcome opportunity to self-medicate with pumpkin-flavored cocktails.  
Either way, there’s one thing that you can count on:  the return of the Autumn PechaKucha Night
And for that, all you Martians, dreamers, DJ scientists, educator designers, Finnish gardeners, MOOC reviewers, welding consultants, data cartographers, new parents, champion nappers, typography critics, and sommelier swing dancers —Tell New Haven what you and your peeps are up to / working on / thinking about / solving. 

Be the ones we turn to when we hear “take me to your leader.”   

6:30pmWednesday, 19 November 2014

Hugs and kisses,
Your PKN Peeps

PKN Autumn is Wednesday, 19 November

…tell us how you see it. 

[ [ [  Martian Invasion poster by fabulous Design Monsters. ] ] ]

PechaKucha Summer poster… by Design Monsters and Offspring.

PechaKucha Summer edition is this Wednesday, 27 August… lineup here soon.

Want to present?  Pay close attention to this classic film. 

Everyone thinks you should do a 20x20 at PechaKucha Summer edition on 27 August. PKN-NewHaven.Org/Present

PechaKucha Summer will be on 27 August, Connecticut; plenty of time to take 20 pictures… :-)

Dagger and Machine

George Kouros handily captivating the crowd the instant organizer Greta Hotopp relinquishes the microphone...

Gorgeous photography by JoAnne Wilcox. 

Design Monsters!  
--Photo by Chris Randall

Review of 28 August PechaKucha by photographer JoAnne Wilcox.

New Haven.

PechaKucha New Haven
creative, innovative, passionate ideas

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