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Dagger and Machine

Be the Show and Tell.  Present Your 20x20 at PKN 20

Amazing Poster by Liza Corsillo, offspring of Design Monsters, in collaboration with George Corsillo.

Icy cool Winter Call for Presenters is hereBe the X.

Design Monsters’ awesome Winter poster. 

Gorgeous photography by JoAnne Wilcox. 

Design Monsters!  
--Photo by Chris Randall

Review of 28 August PechaKucha by photographer JoAnne Wilcox.

New Haven.

PechaKucha New Haven
creative, innovative, passionate ideas

Background photo by JoanneWilcoxPhotography

of windows by Peter Stockmal Design.

PechaKucha night is devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture, Tokyo.

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