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Call for 30 April Presenters

Citizens of New Haven and Beyond:

This winter has overstayed its welcome. And it has been less of a “failed-to-leave-at-a-reasonable-hour-and-didn’t-even-help-clean-up” kind of unwelcome than the full-on sort of unwanted guest that takes adverse possession of your couch and only gets up to raid your fridge, consume all your liquor (except that Amarula you just can’t get rid of), and use his grubby Cheetos-stained fingers to surf the web for the something that categorized your IP address under the responsibility of the most hardened NSA surveillance team. In short, Just. Dreadful.

But change is afoot, my friends. Signs of Spring’s imminent arrival in the Elm City are unmistakable: dirty piles of snow are shrinking into dirty piles of dirt, hipsters are exchanging their ridiculous winter hats and scarves for ridiculous lighter-weight hats and scarves, and Crown Auto is quietly preparing to ticket and tow your car for poorly-posted street sweeping bans instead of poorly-posted snow removal bans.

And we at PKN New Haven World Headquarters are making two predictions —nay, guarantees— for six weeks from today. 
   ONE: The city will be awash in non-binge-drinking-related, leafy green
   TWO: There will be no “wintry mix” at PKN#20

That’s right, folksSpring Edition of PechaKucha Night is back on 30 April!

Tell New Haven what you and yours are up to/ working on/ thinking of/ solving. Artists, startup incubators, architect hockey playas, music nerds, colleagues of those named Lucien, poets named for flowers, L-39 pilots, rat catchers, gamifiers, Rush album art experts, sake makers, guitarists, we’ll even have joint degree holders —we’re talking to You.   

Get us Your 20x20 topic for PechaKucha Spring… before it’s filled upHere’s more if you need it.

Hugs & Kisses,
Your PKN Overlords (& Underlings)
—penned by George Kouros

Be the Show and Tell.  Present Your 20x20 at PKN 20

George & Liza Corsillo collaborative poster!

Amazing Poster by Liza Corsillo, offspring of Design Monsters.

Icy cool Winter Call for Presenters is hereBe the X.

Design Monsters’ awesome Winter poster. 

Gorgeous photography by JoAnne Wilcox. 

Design Monsters!  
--Photo by Chris Randall

Review of 28 August PechaKucha by photographer JoAnne Wilcox.

New Haven.

PechaKucha New Haven
creative, innovative, passionate ideas

Background photo by JoanneWilcoxPhotography

of windows by Peter Stockmal Design.

PechaKucha night is devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture, Tokyo.

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