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PechaKucha Summer Wednesday! 7:30pm.  Lineup at PKN-NewHaven.Org… at Bentara, 76 Orange Street.

7:30 Wednesday = PKN #21. Summer.

Hot Summer edition on 27 August:

Poster by George Corsillo of Design Monsters and Liza Corsillo, offspring of Design Monsters. 


PechaKucha Summer edition is this Wednesday, 27 August… lineup here soon.

Want to present?  Pay close attention to this classic film. 

Summer Call for Presenters

Citizens of New Haven (and Beyond):

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the next 8 weeks will be a lot like a male swimsuit model with dengue fever: hot, wet, and unbearably miserable. As a public service, “We” here at Pecha Kucha New Haven World Headquarters have compiled the following tips to help you beat the heat:

1. Don’t go outside, ever — air conditioning is the zenith of technological innovation, so staying indoors is the equivalent of being constantly high-fived by humanity’s greatest achievement.

2. Consider declaring all of July and August “clothing optional.” (Underwear legally mandated.)

3. Two words: WINE. COOLERS. They’re not just for breakfast anymore.

4. Distract yourself from your pseudo-dengue state. How? Ah. By putting together a 20x20 for the Summer edition of PKN, of course.

Tell New Haven what you and yours are up to/ working on/ thinking of/ solving. Artists, startup incubators, architect hockey playas, music nerds, colleagues of those named Lucien, poets named for flowers, L-39 pilots, rat catchers, gamifiers, Rush album art experts, sake makers, guitarists, we’ll even have joint degree holders —we’re talking to You.   

Get us Your 20x20 topic for PechaKucha Summer… before it’s filled upHere’s more if you need it.

Hugs & Kisses,
Your PKN Underlings

Everyone thinks you should do a 20x20 at PechaKucha Summer edition on 27 August. PKN-NewHaven.Org/Present

PechaKucha Summer will be on 27 August, Connecticut; plenty of time to take 20 pictures… :-)

Dagger and Machine

George Kouros handily captivating the crowd the instant organizer Greta Hotopp relinquishes the microphone...

Gorgeous photography by JoAnne Wilcox. 

Design Monsters!  
--Photo by Chris Randall

Review of 28 August PechaKucha by photographer JoAnne Wilcox.

New Haven.

PechaKucha New Haven
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